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The Applicable Scope and Selection Principles of Eddy Current Dynamometer

The WZ series eddy current dynamometer is a precision and reliable product with a wide range of applications that can be tested in both directions. Users generally use it for high-level testing benches. With the increasing demand for test benches from users, more and more users are using eddy current dynamometers as factory tests.

The minimum power range of the WZ series eddy current dynamometer is 0-5kW, and the maximum is 1500kW.
The WZ series eddy current dynamometer has relatively high requirements for water quality. If the water quality is too hard, the cooling pipeline is prone to fouling, blocking the pipeline, and affecting the thermal effect of the dynamometer.
Requirements for Cooling Water for WZ Series Eddy Current Dynamometers
The heat generated by the eddy current of the eddy current dynamometer is mainly carried away by cooling water, which has good water quality. Generally, softened water is used, with a water pressure of 0.02-0.05MPa and a flow rate of 20 liters per kilowatt hour.
There are no special requirements for water pressure stability.
After a long period of use, the water temperature of the discharged water will increase, such as exceeding 65 ° C. If increasing the inlet water volume still cannot reduce the water temperature, it should be considered to use a deintering agent to treat the cooling pipeline of the dynamometer wall.
Selection principles and matching methods of supporting instruments for WZ series eddy current dynamometer
The load of an eddy current dynamometer is mainly changed by changing the current of the excitation coil. The size of the current is easy to control, so it can conveniently stabilize the load and have good control performance.
When ordering, users must order the DH2000 series control produced by our company, which can conveniently and reliably conduct various performance tests.
(1) Economical and practical configuration
WZ series eddy current dynamometer+DH2001 measurement control instrument+fuel consumption transmitter+temperature and pressure sensor
Realize the measurement and display of the three main parameters of speed, load, and fuel consumption, as well as the four auxiliary parameters of water temperature, oil temperature, exhaust temperature, and oil pressure, as well as the alarm of exceeding the limit. Conduct constant speed, torque, and engine speed tests on the dynamometer.
Speed accuracy: ± 0.05%; Load: ± 0.2%; Temperature and pressure ± 1%
(2) Perfectly functional configuration
WZ series eddy current dynamometer+DH2001,+DH2003 fully configured measurement and control system
According to user needs, it can achieve testing and digital display of all engine parameters. The panel LED Nixie tube displays the parameters, and can also be displayed on the computer screen in full screen, classification or paging.
Good human-machine interface, capable of generating various test curves and reports.
Various performance tests of the engine can be conveniently carried out.
The accuracy of the measured parameters meets European or national standards, and the control accuracy reaches the same international level.

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