Advantages of using electric dynamometer

As a professional enterprise integrating the manufacturing and sales of dynamometers, after years of continuous technological efforts, our company's measurement and control profession has made a new leap. From the most primitive electric vehicle dynamometer to the current testing of motors, elevators, reducers, drilling rigs, hydraulic motors, etc., we have collaborated with numerous domestic research institutes, universities, and enterprises. Some people say that these products have become mature, but I believe that the more mature products are, the more refined they need to be, and there must be breakthroughs in both appearance and technical improvement. Numerous manufacturers and distributors of dynamometers result in uneven market conditions. At that time, such a phenomenon existed in various industries, with some people willing to accept cheap and beautiful products, while others pursued high-end products. This is not easy to force, everyone has different ideas, and we can only say that cooperation depends on fate. Let's talk about the selection of dynamometers and focus on the advantages of AC electric dynamometers.

Dynamometers are divided into AC electric dynamometer, eddy current dynamometer, magnetic particle dynamometer, and hysteresis dynamometer according to different loading equipment. These four types of dynamometers each have their own usage scenarios. Compared with the other three types of dynamometers, the AC electric dynamometer can almost provide the rated torque of the dynamometer from zero speed. His loading reaction time is on the ms level. The most important thing is to convert the mechanical energy generated by the prime mover into electrical energy and feed it back to the internal power grid for use by other equipment. The most direct statement is to help factories save electricity.

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